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Short Shout Out from Mumia!

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Pam Africa and Mumia’s lawyer Bret Grote (Abolitionist Law Center) attempted to visit Mumia at SCI Mahanoy today. The prison barred all visitors today for “health and security reasons”.

And this morning Mumia was given a mandatory order to report to the infirmary where he was readmitted.

As I was at Prison Radio’s studio in San Francisco on Sunday afternoon, the phone rang. Mumia called in with a message for his supporters. He reached out to us; it’s now time for us to reach out to him. His effort to record a commentary is a testimony to his courage and resilience. Please know that he remains critically ill and needs our support to get lifesaving medical care.

Demand that Mumia be released to a hospital immediately! Mumia’s Condition Grave Take Action NOW!

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Stop the attempted murder of Mumia through medical neglect!
Keep the pressure on!

On Friday, April 24, Mumia Abu-Jamal was visited by his spouse, Wadiya Jamal, who reported that his condition has worsened.  She saw him again today and he appears even more gravely ill. Everyone is asked to call the prison and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections immediately.  If they hang up, call again. Please continue to call on Sunday, Monday and throughout the coming week.

Mumia was released from the prison infirmary three days ago even though he was in no condition to be in general population. His request to be seen by independent medical specialists was denied by the PA Department of Corrections. Yet he is in need of 24-hour care and supervision. He is too weak and in this state he may not be able ask for help. He may lose consciousness.

This is what happened before he was rushed to the hospital on March 30 when another prisoner, Major George Tillery, complained to the guards that Mumia needed immediate medical attention. In retaliation the prison moved Tillery to another unit.

Mumia has severe swelling in his neck, chest and legs. His skin rash is worse than ever with open sores. No longer in a wheelchair, he can only take baby steps. He was nodding off during the visits with his wife and unable to feed himself. These are symptoms that could be associated with hyper glucose levels, diabetic shock, diabetic coma, and with kidney stress and failure.

Please call the numbers below, and any other numbers you have for the Prison and the Governor. Along with Mumia’s name his prison number is AM 8335 Call local news sources in your area that would report on this crisis. Share this email with your contact lists. Get out the information via any social media you use especially Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #MumiaMustLive.
Demand that prison officials call Mumia’s wife and his lawyer Bret Grote to discuss his condition. Demand that Mumia Abu-Jamal see a competent doctor immediately, that he be taken to the hospital for emergency care and not be left to go into a diabetic coma.

It is clear that Pennsylvania prison officials are intent on carrying out their plans to murder Mumia through medical neglect. This situation is urgent. Every call matters Every action matters. We need to be in the streets. Call your friends, your neighbors. We must speak out now before it’s too late.

1) John Wetzel Secretary of the Deparment of Corrections ra-crpadocsecretary@pa.gov
717-728-4109717-728-4178 Fax
1920 Technology Pkwy, Mechanicsburg PA 17050

2) John Kerestes, Superintendent SCI Mahanoy: 570-773-2158 x8102
570-783-2008 Fax
301 Morea  Road, Frackville PA 17932

3) Tom Wolf, PA Governor: 717-787-2500 governor@PA.gov
508 Main Capitol Building, Harrisburg PA 17120

Susan McNaughton, Public Information Office PA DOC
DOC Press secretary: 717-728-4025  PA DOC smcnaughton@pa.gov

Department of Corrections Deputy Press Secretary
717-728-4109717-728-4178 Fax
1920 Technology Pkwy, Mechanicsburg PA 17050

Public Information Officer, SCI Mahanoy,
Jane Hinman  570-773-2158; then dial zero
SCI Mahanoy: 570-773-2158 x8102 570-783-2008 Fax
301 Morea  Road, Frackville PA 17932

Central Office by phone:  (717) 728-2573

Michael Klopotoski, Deputy Secretary Eastern Region
(717) 728-4122 or 4123

Theron Perez, Chief Counsel, PA Department of Corrections (717) 728-7763

Shirley Moore Smeal, Executive Deputy Secretary (717) 728-4110

PA Department of Corrections General, News, etc: ra-contactdoc@pa.gov


Stop Killing My Husband!!! Free Mumia Nowww!!!

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2015-04-09-wadiya-mumia-jamalVisit with Mumia & Medical Update

Wadiya Jamal
With Great Pride
April 11, 2015

On Thursday April 9, 2015 I visited my husband Mumia Abu-Jamal at SCI Mahanoy, with Rachel Wolkenstein my lawyer and sister.I had seen Mumia in the ICU at the hospital, where he was sitting upright, hand cuffed to a chair. I saw the photos taken of Mumia during the visit on Monday, April 6 with my sister Pam Africa, Abdul Jon and Johanna Fernandez. I cried when I saw those photos. But I still wasn’t prepared for how Mumia looked seeing him in the prison visiting room, he was worse. I felt my husband is about to die. …

Mumia had to bring himself down to the visiting room from the prison infirmary in an old wheelchair, not motorized, had to use his arms that were weak and in pain; his breathing was labored.
I was in shock at how he looked. We embraced and kissed. When I saw him reading legal papers his hands were shaking hard. I put my hands on his hands and tried to steady him so he could read the information. He was shivering so hard, my hands were shaking as well. I put my arms around him and my head to his chest to hear his heart and to bring some warmth to his body because he said he was freezing. And then the guard comes and tells us “no hugging.” I was just trying to keep him warm. (Other couples were sitting close and snuggling.)
My husband is innocent. He killed no one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, his only crime is he survived a severe gun shot to the chest and a serious ass-whipping by “Philly’s finest” and then they attempted to kill him in his hospital bed by stepping on his urine bag by flushing the poison back on him. And now they are trying to do it again.
The way my husband looks today, it looks like they are going to succeed, unless we get some real doctors up there to take care of him, I mean for real… Mumia’s life is at risk. It is execution by medical neglect and mistreatment… The only way I see that Mumia is going to survive this is if he is free, because I can’t trust any of them.

Mumia didn’t have a history of diabetes. Did you see the picture of Mumia, before his illness, how strong he is, how big he is? You see the difference in him now?!! I’ve never seen him so weak like this in my life. You have to understand that I am angry. I’m hurting. I was rubbing his arms and shoulders, he said baby, keep on rubbing them. I could feel his shoulder blades—that’s how thin he is. I was rubbing his thighs and I could feel the scabs underneath the jump suit. Whatever this stuff is, it is killing Mumia….and it’s on purpose…


I’ve never seen eczema look like that before – this beautiful brown skin, and I know his whole body from his head to his toes, for his body to be like we saw it today and how thin and weak he is…. [See the pictures we took of him showing the bumps and scabs on his arms.] Mumia’s skin was itching and he started scratching and I said to him let me do it and I started patting and that eased it. I was doing it for him and talking to him at the same time. But he’s in pain and I’ve had enough children that I can feel where infection is in your body. I can touch a certain wound or bruise and I can feel heat – that means infection is there.

Mumia said another prisoner, Major Tillery, kept after Mumia, telling him he was really sick, being damaged physically and emotionally; that Mumia needed real medical help. Major told Mumia that he was “fucked up” and “out of it.” Major Tillery filed grievances about the prison conditions leading to skin rashes. Major Tillery had gone directly to SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes and point blank said he needed to get Mumia to the hospital. Major Tillery told the Superintendent, “Mumia is dying.” Kerestes told Major Tillery to “take care of himself.”Major answered back, “taking care of Mumia is taking care of myself.” We just learned that yesterday morning Major Tillery was transferred out of Mahanoy to SCI Frackville, where he had previously been kept in the hole. This is retaliation for fighting for Mumia.

Send your message back to me via Facebook at:

Write to me at: Wadiya Jamal, PO Box 19404, Kingsessing Station, Philadelphia, Pa. 19143-9998

Medical Summary

Rachel Wolkenstein (lawyer) and Wadiya Jamal (wife) visit a very ill Mumia Abu-Jamal

Rachel Wolkenstein (lawyer) and Wadiya Jamal (wife) visit a very ill Mumia Abu-Jamal

There was medical neglect and mistreatment of Mumia. In January Mumia asked for treatment for an increasingly serious skin problem that spread over his entire body. He was treated with antibiotics and steroids, both crèmes and pills.

Mumia had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic they gave him. His body broke out violently in blisters. From the steroids Mumia described swelling up from his feet to his head, like a balloon, his skin ready to bust. He had trouble breathing.

Mumia told us a prison doctor said he looked like he was “in a suit of armor,” his skin was so tight and crusted, his chest raised up to his chin, to create space to breathe.”

It was Mumia who told the doctors he was having an allergic reaction to the medicine he was given. Mumia had at least three blood tests and also ultrasounds. Ultrasounds showed he had a patch of pneumonia and gallstones. Mumia was admitted into the prison infirmary for a week in February. On February 17 Mumia weighed 268 pounds. When he was discharged from the infirmary a week later he had lost over twenty pounds. On March 30, when he was taken to the hospital in a diabetic shock, his weight had dropped to 184 pounds. That’s a loss of 80 pounds in five weeks. His blood sugar levels registered high since at least February. Mumia’s blood pressure was high and the prison was monitoring it periodically.

Blood tests taken on March 6, showed his blood sugar level of over 400. This is a dangerously high level indicating a medical emergency. Almost three weeks later on March 30, Mumia went into diabetic shock—his sugar glucose when he got to the hospital ICU was near 800, which can be fatal. When Mumia collapsed he had gone to the infirmary for a blood pressure check. His sodium level was also dangerously high and he was dehydrated. If Mumia had gone into the diabetic shock at night in his cell, he would likely have died.

Mumia was not previously a diabetic. This condition grew within a period of about three months during treatment for his skin—which is still covered with scabs. He was told he had eczema because there is a family history. But we heard from other prisoners that they had a similar developing skin condition and grievances were filed at the prison, but no responses.

Wadiya was given medical updates a few times from the Chief Medical Care Adminstrator at SCI Mahanoy. But since Wednesday, April 8, he was not available or his phone line not answered.

Mumia’s physical condition is far from stable. His blood sugar levels are in great flux now, from quite low (below 70) and back up to highs in the 200s.

Mumia told us the special diet he is now given is a 2500 daily calorie diet, with some meats, cereal, white bread and fruit, mostly oranges. But a diabetic diet is not a question of calories, but what foods are made available for him as part of a particularized diet, exercise and regulation of his blood sugars as best for him.

We are all fighting to get a specialist to examine Mumia and set up a treatment plan for him. The question will be what it will take to get that enforced over a continued period of time.

Check Mumia’s Facebook and the websites of organizations fighting for Mumia: International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Move organization, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal.com, Campaign to Bring Mumia Home.com for more information.
Let SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes and Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel know we insist that Mumia have medical specialists of his own choosing examine and treat him.

SCI Mahanoy
Superintendent John Kerestes
(570) 773-2158

SCI Mahanoy
Chief Health Care Administrator Steinhardt
(570) 773-2158

Christopher Oppman
Director, PA Department of Corrections Health Care Services
(717) 728-5309

John Wetzel
Secretary, PA Department of Corrections
(717) 728-4109

Support and Contribute to the Indiegogo online campaign to raise money to help pay from the legal and medical campaign for Mumia, including costs for Mumia’s family, friends and core organizers to travel to see Mumia.

Fri. April 10th: Emergency Demo & Meeting for Mumia in NYC!!

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stand-with-mumia-200x200pxStop the Execution By Medical Neglect of Mumia Abu-Jamal!

– Rally at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building, 163 West 125th St
Fri., April 10, 2015, 5:00PM6:30 PM

– Indoor meeting at 7 PM, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 521 West 126th St, between Old Broadway & Amsterdam Ave, Harlem, NY

Tues. April 7th: Demand Mumia See a Diabetes Specialist!

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Here is a report from Mumia’s visitors yesterday: Pam Africa, Johanna Fernandez and Abdul Jon.

2015-04-06-sci-mahoney“Mumia was very ill when we saw him last Friday, April 3, 2015. For that reason, Pam Africa insisted that we return to SCI Mahanoy today, Monday, April 6, to check on him.

His blood sugar registered in the mid 200s today and continues to fluctuate, and although Mumia is still very weak, he was better than on Friday. He told us that the doctors gave him a double shot of insulin right before he came out for the visit, likely in an effort to make him appear temporarily more energetic than he is. This concerns us because insulin overdose is a possibility in these instances. Again Mumia has not yet been seen by a diabetes specialist, although the general practitioner told him today that perhaps he needs to see a nutritionist. This is a sign that our muckraking is working, since the news has gotten around that he was given spaghetti for lunch when his blood sugar registered at 336.

However, despite this modest progress Mumia struggled to get out of his wheelchair so that we could take a photo of him. He remained in the wheelchair for the rest of the visit.

Mumia also told us that his mind is filled with a million things each day, but he only has the mental and physical capacity to focus on just one thought. He said that he has learned that because he has always had a strong constitution, he had failed to appreciate the centrality of life’s energy force to living. He also shared something that must have been profoundly humiliating and difficult to come to terms with.

Last Thursday, Mumia tried to go to the bathroom in the infirmary. Because he was so weak, he was not able to sustain himself on his feet. He slid down to the floor and waited there, helplessly and unable to call for assistance, for 45 minutes until he was found by a doctor and another prisoner.

2015-04-07-mumia-abu-jamalWe shared a touching moment with Mumia in an effort to raise his spirits. Two teachers delivered letters to us that their students had written to Mumia. One batch came from a 3rd grade class taught by Ms. Marylin Zuniga in Orange, New Jersey. The other batch was from a group of high school students in the Philadelphia Student Union, which fights for school reform and is led by Mr. Hiram Rivera.

It had been a long time since we had seen Mumia smile. He chuckled as he read excerpts from these touching letters.

We share these photos to give you a sense of the gravity of Mumia’s condition. He has lost over 50lbs and his entire body is covered with a hard, leathery layer of jet-black skin, that is bloody, painful and itchy.

Pam Africa
Johanna Fernandez
Abdul Jon
Report from The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home

Let SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes and Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel know we insist that Mumia have a diabetes specialist examine and treat him.
SCI Mahanoy
Superintendent John Kerestes
(570) 773-2158
SCI Mahanoy
Chief Health Care Administrator Steinhardt
(570) 773-2158
Christopher Oppman
Director, PA Department of Corrections Health Care Services
(717) 728-5309
John Wetzel
Secretary, PA Department of Corrections
(717) 728-4109
Support and Contribute to the Indiegogo online campaign to raise money to help pay from the legal and medical campaign for Mumia, including costs for Mumia’s family, friends and core organizers to travel to see Mumia.


Mon. April 6, 12 noon UPDATE. Demand “No medical execution of Mumia!”

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group_dpt_correctionalAt this moment there are dozens of protestors standing outside the front gates of Camp Hill, headquarters of the Department of Corrections of Pennsylvania, right outside Harrisburg. Pennsylvania Secretary of Department of Corrections, John Wetzel, refuses to meet with protestors claiming “you do not have an appointment.” Of course, he is refusing to give an appointment to anyone who is trying to help Mumia access proper health care. Call the Dept. of Corrections (DOC) and demand Mumia be seen by an independent diabetes specialist doctor (Endocrinologist) and a Dermatologist, for a useful examination. DOC doctors with little diabetes experience are the ones who misdiagnosed Mumia in the first place and continue to neglect him and refuse a diabetic-appropriate diet for Mumia (they keep giving him pasta to eat! instead of fruit and vegetables). They are trying to kill Mumia through medical mistreatment. Call John Wetzel, Dept of Corrections at 717-728-4109. Email him: RA-CRPAdocSecretary@PA.gov. Spread the word.

At this very moment Pam Africa, Ramona Africa, Johanna Fernandez and many more are outside Mumia’s prison SCI Mahanoy with the same demands–and also trying to visit Mumia. They are very visible and effective, but need phone calls to back them up. Call Superintendent of SCI Mahanoy, John Kerestes: 570-773-2158.

For more detailed reporting see: http://www.freemumia.com/2015/04/mumia-hospitalized/

It’s Time to Stop Trying to Kill My Husband and Free Him Now!!

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Wadiya Jamal
April 5, 2015

Mumia & Wadiya Jamal, Feb. 6, 2012Enough is enough!!! Today is my birthday. April 24 is Mumia’s 61st birthday. But today my husband is in critical condition in a cell in the infirmary at SCI Mahanoy. We need Mumia free and home!!!

This rotten ass system has made many attempts on my husband’s life when his only crime is that on December 9, 1981 he survived a cop’s gunshot to the chest through his lungs to the liver, a serious ass whipping by cops on the street of 13th and Locust, then cops surrounding his hospital bed stepping on his urine bag making the poison go back up into his body.

He is innocent in the murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner and the cops on the scene all knew that. But Mumia was convicted for a murder he did not commit and sentenced to death.

Wadiya JamalFor over 30 years my husband was on death row in solitary confinement!!! where he was caged 24 hours a day, in his cell and even when outside. In general population these past three years, he has yet to receive his correct diet,!!!  He developed a skin disease that spread over his whole body, treated with wrong medicine that he was allergic to, had pneumonia and last Monday, March 30, he went into diabetic shock with a blood sugar level of a deadly high of 779 and rushed to the hospital and put into the ICU on an insulin drip.

During these years on death row and now slow death row, Mumia has lost his mother, his sister, a brother, our brother Jahlani, my mother, my father, and our baby girl Goldii who was very active in trying to free him ’til the end of her life. Every single one of them expected to see him come home a free man, because like us all they believe in his innocence. May Allah bless and have mercy on their sweet souls!!!!

The prison didn’t even let me know my husband had been rushed to the hospital and put into the ICU.  I was told by Rachel Wolkenstein and then I called to find out what happened and where Mumia was taken. And then the prison blocked my visit at the hospital until the international campaign flooded the prison and PA Department of Corrections with protest calls.  Guards stood outside the hospital room and one was inside the room with Mumia. I was shocked at his condition, he had lost over 40 pounds, was weak, barely able to sit up and keep his head up, handcuffed to his chair, with labored breathing, and dry mouth. I told him about all the love outpouring for him and that the world is watching!!!

News media waited outside the hospital for our report after Mumia’s brother Keith Cook and I visited Mumia. It took all my strength and the memory of our daughter Goldii for me to be able to speak to the press after seeing my very ill, weak husband. The press did report Mumia’s serious medical condition … But the press wouldn’t report my statement that Mumia is innocent, he should never have been arrested or convicted!!! He should never have been in prison. This medical condition should never have happened. Mumia needs to be free!!!

The prison Superintendent promised that Keith and I and other family members would be able to visit Mumia again the next day. But when we arrived for the visit, we were refused, with the new “Mumia rule” that a person could have only one visit a week with a prisoner. After more protests, the prison allowed Mumia’s eldest son, Jamal Hart, who had driven over 400 miles, and his younger brother, Bill Cook to visit. They described Mumia as in worse condition than he was the day before. Jamal came out, saying, “I couldn’t stand there and watch my father in pain. I kissed and hugged him and left.”

Jamal and I had medical consults with the attending doctors and the ICU nurse. They described my husband’s arrival in the ICU with a blood sugar level of 779, an abnormal kidney, and dangerously high sodium levels. They had Mumia on an insulin drip and later tested him for gallstones, which they found he had. When asked, the hospital admitted that they didn’t have a diabetes specialist. That morning his blood sugar level was still a very high 333. The attending doctor told us they needed his bed in the ICU for other patients. But the kidney doctor said that he would check my husband the next morning as to whether his kidney function was normal.

Yet, just a few hours later, without letting us know, Mumia was sent back to the prison, without an expert medical diagnosis or a treatment plan or his sugar levels under control. He was transferred back to the prison infirmary with a temperature of 102 degrees, to the same people who knew for weeks and didn’t treat his  “new onset diabetes” before he collapsed and went into diabetic shock.

This is execution by medical neglect and mistreatment.

On Thursday, April 2, 2015, I spoke with the Chief Health Care Administrator at SCI Mahanoy who gave me a report and said that I could call and get medical updates on Mumia’s health day or night. But from my first call late Thursday night through this weekend, my attempts to reach the infirmary were blocked.

On Friday, April 3, 2015, some family and friends were able to visit Mumia. Instead of allowing visits in the infirmary, they had Mumia brought down to the general visiting room in a wheelchair. He had to go through security checks between the infirmary and the visiting area, meaning taking his clothes on and off and a body search.

His brother Keith Cook, who had seen Mumia on Tuesday said Mumia appeared worse. My sister, Rachel Wolkenstein, said Mumia appeared very sick, and was so weak he was barely able to hold a pen to sign a legal document. Mumia told those visiting, also including Mike Africa, Abdul John and Johanna Fernandez, that his morning blood sugar was 186 and spiked again to around 330 after a lunch of spaghetti! Mumia was very tired but alert and asked about the court hearing on the “Silencing Act” went and whether there was a decision yet.

We have no new information on Mumia’s condition. Pam Africa and Johanna Fernandez are attempting to visit him Monday, April 6. I will be visiting on Thursday.

Diabetes is a deadly disease. My mother had diabetes. It requires constant care and healthy food. It can lead to loss of eyesight, nerve damage, amputation and loss of kidney function. Mumia has had problems with his feet and leg for years, also not adequately treated.

Send your letters and cards with love and news to Mumia. His address is: Mumia Abu-Jamal, #AM 8335, SCI Mahanoy, 301 Morea Dr., Frackville, PA 17932.

To all those people around the world who have stated their love and support for Mumia over the years, please, please, please ACT NOW!!!!


Wadiya Jamal, with Big Pride

Send your message back to me via my Facebook “in box” at: http://Facebook.com/WadiyaJamal

Write to me at: Wadiya Jamal, PO Box 19404, Kingsessing Station, Philadelphia, Pa. 19143-9998


Let SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes and Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel know we insist that Mumia have a diabetes specialist examine and treat him.

SCI Mahanoy
Superintendent John Kerestes
(570) 773-2158

SCI Mahanoy
Chief Health Care Administrator Steinhardt
(570) 773-2158

Christopher Oppman
Director, PA Department of Corrections Health Care Services
(717) 728-5309

John Wetzel
Secretary, PA Department of Corrections
(717) 728-4109
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

Support and Contribute to the Indiegogo online campaign to raise money to help pay from the legal and medical campaign for Mumia, including costs for Mumia’s family, friends and core organizers to travel to see Mumia.
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

“My father is still considered to be a dangerous individual … his mind is what they fear, there is over-whelming evidence that would exonerate him of his conviction.
“He is an innocent man and the commonwealth has always known this, but being too Black, too smart, and too strong … The government will silence anyone that possesses the power to open the minds of the people.” —Goldii (Mumia’s daughter Samiya)

Samiya-Performs-at-Mumias-55th-bday-partySamiya (Goldii) Performs at Mumia’s 55th
Birthday & Book Release Party (2009)




Mumia sicker. Needs independent doctor. Demos Fri. & Monday. Keep calling!

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Dear Sisters, Brothers, Comrades, Friends, and Supporters:Friends and Supporters of Mumia:

Yesterday,  Saturday April 3, a caravan of about 15 cars  coming from Philadelphia, NYC, and DC gathered at Mahanoy Prison in a dramatic presence on the road.  With banners, signs, videos, interviews, and chanting the prison was well aware of our presence.  We were demanding that Mumia’s family and supporters be allowed in and that Mumia be seen by outside doctors to treat his very serious medical problems.

The prison initially refused to allow anyone in, but with increasing phone calls and our physical presence they ultimately relented and allowed five visitors to come in for one hour.  Though not enough, this was surely a victory and surely a response to the relentless international pressure which continued through the time we were at the prison.  After much negotiating and arbitrary changing rules, the five people did enter.

Their report was very troubling.  On the positive side, our people including Mumia’s brother, Keith, got into the prison and actually saw Mumia, let him know about the worldwide support.  They said Mumia’s spirit remains strong, he was completely alert, and responsive.  On the negative side, Mumia was brought in in a wheelchair, his blood sugar went up again, he is very weak, he has lost an enormous amount of weight, approximately 80 pounds or so in three months, and he is clearly uncomfortable.  The diet he is being given is completely inappropriate, and dangerous, for someone suffering from such a life threatening condition of diabetes.

We then went to Camp Hill, headquarters of the Department of Corrections of Pennsylvania, right outside Harrisburg.  With our banners, t shirts, sweatshirts, cameras etc, arriving at about 4 PM when they were closing, we were more than visible.  The usual “No, no one is available”, etc. etc. and our usual “We demand that we meet with the Secretary Wetzel or his representative now” scenario played out and we did get a meeting.  It was a stand up, disrespectful way of meeting with us, but nonetheless we met with the Press Secretary and let her know in no uncertain terms that we want outside doctors to see Mumia, evaluate and treat him, and that the prison system has so far brought him close to death.  We were very insistent with this one demand:  we want outside medical doctors to evaluate and treat Mumia immediately.  We said we would return on Monday to follow up on this demand.

Phone calls to Wetzel’s office in particular, but also to Kerestres should continue as much as possible reiterating this demand:  Mumia is deathly ill, the prison system has made him sicker and sicker, and has certainly not shown any signs of helping him recover his health.  We, therefore, demand that outside doctors of Mumia’s choosing be allowed to evaluate and treat him immediately.  Connect with institutional connections if you can.

PA  Secretary of Department of Corrections
John Wetzel:  717 728 4109

Superintendent of SCI Mahanoy, John Kerestes
(570) 773-2158

In the face of this life threatening crisis for Mumia,, caused by the Department of Corrections willfully, in yet another attempt to silence Mumia once and for all, the international movement in support of Mumia, has been amazing!  With demonstrations in Berlin and Paris two days ago, that we know of, three demonstrations yesterday between Mahanoy and Camp Hill, Philadelphia, and New York, we are surely on the move!  We will be planning more activities and an overall all out battle plan!  In the meantime, we will be confronting Wetzel at Camp Hill again tomorrow.  Please join us if you can.

In the struggle with revolutionary love,

Suzanne Ross


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The Move Organization and International Concerned Family and Friends Statement On The Current Situation At Hand With Mumia

This government has been trying to murder Mumia for 34 years. The power of this movement stopped his execution in 1995 and 1999, and got him off of death row. Now they’re deliberately trying to murder him through medical neglect and intentional torture. This situation is urgent and couldn’t be more serious. Mumia is currently in a wheelchair, two days ago he couldn’t stand up, his speech is slurred, and he can barely hold a bottle of water. This isn’t just medical neglect, this is a continuation of the premeditated murder that was set in place when Mumia was shot in the chest, was rammed headfirst into a steel pole, and was then railroaded through the courts and onto deathrow. Just two months ago Phil Africa died under similar suspicious circumstances. We have absolutely no time to waste.
People must treat this as if Mumia’s death warrant has been signed and the execution date is tomorrow, because that’s their intention. They have absolutely no intention of freeing Mumia, and they have no interest in letting him live a long life in prison continuing to be an example of resistance for the world. They want Mumia dead, and if they can do it by medical neglect they will. The only reason Mumia wasn’t executed in 1995, the only reason he was moved off of death row is because the pressure for justice for Mumia was too strong. The only way Mumia is going to live through this attack on his life is if all people step up and immediately demand healthier diet for Mumia and the ability to have outside medical care. We aren’t asking for anything here that hasn’t been done in Pennsylvania prisons before. There are diets in place for people dealing with health problems and they aren’t even giving him that. Since he was prematurely taken from the hospital and put back in the prison where these problems started his blood sugar levels have been rising because they are only giving him foods like pasta that are dangerous with diabetes.
Their intention with all of these side attacks is to distract people from the main point, which is that Mumia is innocent and shouldn’t have served one day in prison in the first place. The sacrifice that Mumia and the MOVE 9 are making, and that Phil and Merle Africa have already given their lives for, is for the benefit of everyone. People must stand up and reciprocate that commitment, today. If you don’t act today his death warrant could be carried out tomorrow.

Report of the 11TH International Symposium Against Isolation (inc. MOVE & Mumia)

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The first session was held under the title of “advanced democracy” on 25 January 2014.

Computer expert Jeromin explained how the system secretly listens people and sells their information using computer technology. He advised that people should stay away from quiz games and social media that overexposes personal information.

Deputy president of IADL Jan Fermon and his colleague Ties Prakken who were there while the people’s lawyers put fascism on a trial, shared their observations.

Lawyer Ties Prakken said that he was banned from entering Turkey because he visited Abdullah Öcalan in Roma. He also said that he learned that this exclusion order was still in force and when he wanted to enter into the country to observe the trial of lawyers of People’s Law Office (PLO) he was sent back with the same plane without being able to get off.

Jan Fermon had been in KCK trials before and he said that the Turkish state always invented fake evidences against the lawyers but in this PLO case it did not even feel the need to do so.

He said that the only ‘evidence’ against the lawyers of PLO was that they reminded their clients of their right to silence. He stated that there was no evidence in the file.

Taylan Tanay had been defending a case in Belgium with Fermon but even this was used as an evidence of him being a member of RPLP-F.

Another accusation made against lawyers was that they were working as a courier between the organization and the prisoners.

Fermon said that he was really impressed by the solidarity among the lawyers.

He said that 500 lawyers defended their colleagues and 3000 lawyers protested with their robes.

Saying that the accusations turned out to be a comedy, Fermon indicated that the lawyers are accused of singing the songs of Grup Yorum. He stressed that the solidarity among the lawyers was strengthened as a result.

Thomas Eipeldauer was also an observer in the same hearing.

He said that the accused lawyers declared that they were fighting against state and their struggle was legitimate.

He added that the lawyers have been defending the poor, Alewis, workers, students who demanded free education and all the oppressed. He stressed the police terror in Turkey.

Thomas Eipeldauer pointed out Karl Marx.

According to Hegel’s definition of the state, the state is above classes.

But Marx said that the state is the representative of a class.

This was what Mr. Kozagacli said in his defence.

 He ended up his talk quoting from Kozagacli: “It is a good thing that our enemies attack us. This shows that we hurt them.”

Introducing the Art Assembly in Turkey, Grup Yorum member Caner Bozkurt talked about the pressures on the artists who participated to the Gezi Uprising. He said that the Art Assembly in Turkey was formed before June Uprising but it became stronger together with Gezi.

He talked about the oppression faced by Grup Yorum.

According to him, the artists’ assembly is growing day by day and the artists will stand firmer against the oppression.

Neslihan Kızıl Şimşek, a member of people’s architects and engineers, explained the urban transformation.

She said that the urban transformation project is nothing but pillage and looting.

She indicated that the state is resorting to the law of disasters and earthquakes in order to demolish Küçük Armutlu district of Istanbul. But, she said, they also carried out some research and discovered that Armutlu is not one of the earthquake zones in Istanbul.

She also said that even if Armutlu is affected by an earthquake, it still will not be harmed as much as the skyscrapers.

They have projects to restore the buildings instead of evacuating the people.

She stressed that if there is an attack against Armutlu, they would fight behind the barricades with the people.


The second session of the first day was titled “New Forms of Struggle”.

It began with a small surprise for the audience.

Betül Nazan Vangölü Kozağaçlı and Şükriye Erden, the “People´s Law Office” lawyers who were released participated the conference through an online call.

They expressed their regrets for not being able to participate to the symposium.

They informed the audience about their case.

They said that they will never be intimidated and they will continue struggling.

Şükriye Erden said that their case was defended by 3000 lawyers and stressed the solidarity.

From Antakya, Meltem Halaceli, who is a graduate of Arabic Language and History, said that she was in her hometown for a research and that she found herself in the midst of an uprising.

She said that three of the Gezi Martyrs were from Antakya and in Antakya people, even those who were apolitical, went outside to the streets to protest.

She talked about the German anti-fascist organization ALB Bloccupy Frankfurt.

Bloccupy Frankfurt’s basic idea is ”to occupy the European central bank that is located in the heart of the monster”, she said.

She said that the number of participants is growing, while the oppression and violence of the state grows as well. We expect a wide participation this year as well, she said.

She also made a call for the audience to participate.

Türkan Albayrak from Revolutionary Workers’ Movement (RWM) explained the Kazova resistance.

Waiting for their 4 months unpaid wage, the workers had found themselves thrown outside the factory, instead. The workers did not even know how to make a press declaration before but they started a resistance under the leadership of RWM.

They set up tents in front of the factory. Deciding to occupy the factory for three times, the workers were successful in their occupation in the third attempt. They tried to sell the equipments and machinery inside the factory but when they failed to do that, they decided to continue production after repairing the machinery that was destroyed by the bosses.

The occupation turned out to be a well-known resistance inside Turkey. Thanks to the great support of our people, they sold the sweaters they produced.

Thanks to the solidarity of the workers, Kazova resistance showed that the struggle must be based on legitimacy not legality.

Metin Yeğin, the journalist and writer, pointed out the links between June Uprising and Kazova resistance.

Gezi Uprising is considered to be an uprising of space, identity and ecology and this is a revolution, he said. 

According to him both the oppressors and the oppressed had the same conception.

It was an uprising of space, because the issue was the Gezi Park.

It was an uprising of identity, because all the martyrs were of Alevi origin.

For example, in Tuzluçayır, there was a resistance and there were clashes with the police.

It was an uprising of ecology, because everything began with the people’s desire to protect the park and trees.

Then everyone stood by the resistance.

Metin Yeğin talked about how to make policemen angry. They are not angry when the protesters shout “Killer Police”.

Instead, they get really angry when the protesters shout “Spray, spray the gas. Take off your helmet, leave your baton. Let’s see who’s the real tough guy.”

Metin Yeğin talked about his personal experiences during the resistance. He said that people from every section, every layer of the society, who normally will not stand side by side resisted shoulder to shoulder. Nationalist symbols and left-wing symbols were next to each other.

Main slogans were “shoulder to shoulder against fascism” and “we will resist and we will win”.

Kazova had born thanks to this resistance and then the factory occupation began.

A lecturer, Michael Marchman who is also a representative from Occupy Wall Street talked about the uprisings in USA.

Initially what the workers wanted to do was to express their discontent about unemployment. But they managed to spread the resistance throughout the country.

They were really happy when 1000 people participated to the first protest.

Then a wave of protests was all around USA.

Marchman said that for the first time 1 million people participated to the protests in USA and that they are looking for ways to revive this because it withered somehow. 

Lerzan Caner, a representative of TAYAD and a witness to the uprising, talked about the march that started in the Anatolian side of Istanbul and ended up with people crossing the Bhosporus bridge and the police attacked that met them in Beşiktaş.

There were also clashes with the police in the neighbourhoods of Istanbul, especially in Gazi and May Day district. She said that a car ran over a protester named Mehmet Ayvalıtaş during a demonstration in May Day district.

She said that we put lots of efforts to prevent the Gezi Uprising from going down and that we carried out some protests and activities in order to ask for justice and to reveal the murderers of Gezi martyrs. She said that they wanted to form a chain of justice for Berkin Elvan who has been in coma for more than 200 days but the police tried to prevent them with armoured vehicles. She said that they organized some actions together with Taksim Solidarity in front of Çağlayan Courthouse but the police attacked once again.

Neslihan Kızıl Şimşek, the representative of People’s Architects and Engineers, introduced their new project to the participants.

– People’s Gardens: They are trying to produce organic seed.

She said that they would test this in Armutlu and then they would disseminate it to other neighbourhoods.

We are not obliged to use the seeds, chemical medicines and fertilizers produced by the imperialist monopolies. We are not obliged to eat the foods produced in line with the GMO based agriculture and food policies that bring immense harm to the people and the nature. Thanks to People’s Gardens that we will establish in Küçük Armutlu, Esenyurt/Kıraç, Altınşehir Filistin neighborhoods, we will grow and eat our own food, she said.

 – Cemevi Project in Küçük Armutlu:

– Energy Generation project: We will not let the electricity distribution companies to steal from the people.We will produce our own electricity. Wind and solar energy will be used to generate electricity in a pilot slum located in Küçük Armutlu and owned by the parents of Hasan Ferit Gedik.

This is a concrete example of on-site restoration.

– Computer game: The establishment is stupefying our children and our youth, by making them addicted to the computer games.On the other hand, it is trying to impose their corrupt rotten culture.

Against this, we are programming a computer game that is about the revolutionaries and that exposes the corruption of the establishment. We will bring our own alternative to our children.

She also said that they would buy a caravan.

She said that they would buy a caravan so that they would be able to go wherever there are some protests about the dams, demolitions, wherever they are needed.

Finally, Ramona Africa, the representative of the MOVE movement took the floor.

30 years ago MOVE occupied some houses they legally rented. The police had violently dispersed them.

First, they tried to buy the protesters buy offering money. After failing to do so they dropped bombs (made of the plastic military explosive C-4 and the commercial product Tovex TR-2) on the occupied home that killed 11 MOVE members (five of whom were children)! When those in the home tried to run out they faced so many bullets they had to return to the fire. The police and fire department conspired to “let the fire burn” in order to kill the MOVE family. The raging inferno destroyed 61 houses and injured many.  No city officials were charged criminally, although the one adult survivor, Ramona Africa, served time. In a 1996 civil suit in US federal court, a jury ordered the City of Philadelphia to pay $1.5 million to a survivor and relatives of two people killed in the bombing. The jury found that the city used excessive force and violated the members’ constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure. Today the MOVE family is growing and vibrant, their beautiful, healthy, happy children a testimony to John Africa’s teachings.


The title of the third session was “Popular Uprising”.

Popular Front representative Ahmet Kulaksız said that Gezi Uprising did not emerge out of nothing and that it was actually a result of an accumulated tradition of resistance.

He said that Istanbul experienced numberless resistances and uprisings long before Gezi.

“Istanbul has been a city where the American marine corps were thrown into the sea.

Istanbul stood against the oppression of September 12.

You cannot think Istanbul without May 1, 1977 when 37 people were killed.

Taksim is one such place.

There are places that revolutionaries will never give up, and Gezi Park is one of them”, he said.

Istanbul has always been a kind of city that paid heavy prices and created resistances.

He emphasized that we were already in a continuous war in the poor neighbourhoods of Istanbul.

He talked about the process before the Gezi Uprising.

He talked about May Days of 1977 and 1989. Gezi Uprising is the result of 15-16 June, Gazi Uprising and all the other uprisings before it, he said.

Julian Cortes explained the landless peasants are landless because the paramilitary, drug cartels and the state oppression and terror.

In Colombia, there is no democracy, the left-wing parties take up very little space in the parliament and the state tries to destroy them with massacres and repression, he said.

The media is owned by the ruling classes, the bourgeoisie.

The majority of the country’s income is transferred to USA.

He said that the peace talks between FARC and Colombia state is held for the landless peasants but the state does nothing to solve this problem.

Cortes also talked about FARC and he said that the organization has emerged from the villages.

He claimed that if the land problem is solved then the organization will lay down arms.

He was asked about the form of international solidarity they want to see.

He said that the international struggle against the imperialist monopolies that exploit us should be strengthened.

Journalist Thomas Eipeldauer indicated the international character of the uprisings.

He showed that the protests in Argentina, Spain, Greece, Turkey have some common forms and methods.

– Urban transformation: Who will determine the cities and architectural designs? Capital, or people? Ali Ağaoğlu or RPLP-F?

– Increasing state oppression.

– The revolutionary organizations always take place in these uprisings.

Not only the demands but also the forms of resistance are very similar.

Of course, there are other people without any organization or experience in these uprisings, not only revolutionary organizations.

Among them there are people who have been protesting on the streets for the first time. They must be won to the side of the struggle in a permanent way.

They are trying to create some liberated zones in the neighbourhoods free from police intervention.

We should find ways to win over people who are not organized yet.

Like in Küçük Armutlu.

But the state will attack and the people must be trained in terms of their self-defence.

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JANUARY 26, 2014


Imperialist intervention was discussed at the first session.

Mohammed Safa took the floor. Imperialism is dividing the Arab peoples, he said.

He pointed out that the Arab uprising ended up with no gains because the class perspective was missing. He said that the violence in the Middle East is still going on and Israel is happy with this.

He talked about Georges Ibrahim Abdallah who has been imprisoned for 30 years in France. He said that USA prevented France from releasing him. He concluded his words saying that the prisoners in isolation should not be forgotten and the solidarity must be strengthened.

Then June Kelly took the floor. She said that in Syria USA lied about the weapons of mass destruction and its actual purpose is to capture the resources of the country. She said that education and health is free in Syria.

She compared the wars in Serbia and Syria. She said that imperialism pursues a neo-colonial policy by confiscating the resources of the countries and provoking crises in order to arm itself better.

Saying that the wars in Syria and Irak tore the countries apart, historican and writer Karam Khella said that we should concentrate on what we can to together.

He said that the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki was not criticized by the Northern countries, that the socialism has collapsed in the Northern countries but that there are still socialist countries in the South.

He pointed out that the actual warmonger is NATO itself. He stressed that we should work to take European countries outside NATO and today’s war are war between corporations.

He said that we should do something for Syria, otherwise Algeria, Mali and South Africa will be next. He said that every country will make its revolution according to its own traditions.

Desmond Ferrnandez from CAMPACC said that USA has direct intervention teams for Yemen, Pakistan, Baluchistan, Philippines, Turkey, Mexico and that these teams murder or forcedly disappear people.

He said that Obama continued the plans of Bush.

He pointed out that an article that appeared in Washington Post 4 weeks ago wrote that USA spent millions to eliminate FARC guerrillas. He said that FBI is tapping phones, that in England policemen stopped the Muslims and Kurds to interrogate them.

Imperialism is oppressing everybody, tapping everybody’s phones, that is why we should struggle against imperialism altogether, he said.

Algerian author Ahmed Bensada tried to prove with documents that the Arab uprisings were not spontaneous movements and that they were organized by US funded peaceful organizations.

Ade Banjoko from All-African People’s Revolutionary Party said that they are for the united struggle of the all Africa.  He pointed out that they are divided by the colonialists.

He reminded Amilcar Cabral’s words about the national liberation can only be realized when the forces of production are liberated. He said that imperialism is stealing the richness of African countries and leaving them with hunger and poverty.

He has given the example of Congo. He quoted Amilcar Cabral: “Imperialism has two weapons. One of them is violence, the other is lies.” He said that imperialists made decisions on behalf of Africa without inviting them in Berlin Conference. He noted that Africans became migrants because of poverty. He concluded his words by saying that we should organize, we should answer imperialism in an organized fashion and down with imperialism in Africa.

The representative of NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines) explained how Haiyam storm was utilized by imperialism. Taifun storm had a speed of 315 km/h on November 8th and it affected 40 million people, killing 6 million. 4 million people lost their homes, 6 American warships and 10 thousand American soldiers arrived. What does this mean?

8 out of 110 regions in the Philippines are in the hands of guerrillas. U.S. wants a strategic area. It wants to take control of the Indian Ocean. There are problems with China. Also they want the nickel and gold of Philippines. International solidarity is very important for us. He said that they have supported the Ireland’s struggle for independence, Palestine and the Middle East.

He said that they are supporting Latin America as well.

He said that we use knowledge and education to work together. He concluded his words by saying that imperialism will be beaten and the peoples will win.


In the second session topic was immigration issues.

Vincent de Jong from the initiative All Included talked about the cruelties of Frontex. He explained how it controlled the borders. He said that Europe and Turkey undersigned an agreement about sending the migrants back to Turkey who were trying to reach Europe via Turkey.

Refugee Yoonis Osman Nuur from Somalia took the floor. He said that he has been in Netherlands for 10 years but his asylum requests are rejected.

He said that there is an organization called “We are Here” which occupies the houses. He said that they have established a cooperative.

Savaha Koolen: He talked about the assistance they provide to the asylum seekers, that they are working as lobbyists to raise awareness and providing education. He said that they are working in order to bring the asylum seekers into the society not to exclude them.

At the end of the Symposium’s first day, the movie F-Type was viewed.

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Political Prisoners was the title of the second session of the second day.

At the end of the session, a documentary depicting the life of Mumia Abu Jamal called “A Long Distance Revolutionary” was shown.

Diarmuid Mac Dubhghlais represented the Irish Republican Sinn Fein. He said that Ireland is under occupation for 850 years. The isolation became heavier because of the new laws and the Irish prisoners are actually prisoners of war, he said.

He said that the Irish prisoners can only leave their sells for about 1 hour per day.

He pointed out that among the political prisoners there are people imprisoned for 4 years without any accusation.

He said that we should struggle for peace, freedom and justice and we should set up a network.

Faiz Baluch said that Baluchistan was independent until 1948 before it was invaded by Pakistan and that they were attacked by England in 1939.

After the invasion of Pakistan in March 27, 1948, Baluchistan was divided into three, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan claimed the parts of the country, he said.

He said that they escaped from Baluchistan to Afghanistan to continue the struggle and that they were imprisoned, 1500 people were killed, among them teachers, artists, lawyers, students, poets.

He said that the artists were poured some chemicals down their throats so that they were unable to sing once again.

Finally, he said that 24 families started a long march on October 27, 2013 and this march will continue. Telling that they will make a protest in front of the UN building, he asked for support from the symposium.

Colombian lawyer Lucas Restrepo said that he came from Colombia where50 lawyers were killed during 1980s. Although the lawyers are not killed nowadays, they are still prevented from getting into contact with their clients and their rights remained on paper, he said. He pointed out that the US is killing the guerrillas or isolate the prisoners with High Security Prisons in North America. The notebooks and pens of the prisoners are taken away and they are not allowed to read any books apart from the Bible. He said that a woman was imprisoned because her husband was a FARC member and her 7 year old daughter was killed.

If we do not want to perish, we must stay in contact in our fight, he concluded.

Tuncay Yılmaz from the Anatolian Federation mentioned about 129 a + b.

He said that laws became more strict after the RAF movement in 1970s.

He said that Ulricke Meinhof experienced a white torture and murdered afterwards. But they claimed that she hanged herself.

He talked about the operations that were carried out against them. He said that operations took place against them after the anti-racist concert on June 26.

Sevcan Adıgüzel spoke on behalf of the Solidarity Committe with Political Prisoners.

She informed that political prisoner Özgür Aslan lost his memory, saying that after 2008 this year a 2nd operation took place and the prosecutor asked for 1-7 years in imprisonment.

She mentioned that one of the prisoners in Europe was imprisoned because of selling the tickets of Grup Yorum, selling magazines and participating to democratic protests. And she reminded that one of the prisoners in France has Wernicke Korsakoff disease.

She said that “We are escaping from fascism, and we are put on trial by imperialism”.

She concluded by talking about the resistances of Şadi Özpolat and the prisoners in Greece. She said that we should write letters to the prisoners, we should be in solidarity with them.

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Antonio Carmona Baez, scholar of International Relations, Puerto Rican independence activist (Oscar Lopez Rivera Puerto Rican PP), Dutch solidarity group “Vrienden van Venezuela” conveyed the Venezuelan ambassador’s message.

Carlos Ernesto Rodríguez Etcheverry, 2nd Secretary to Cuban Embassy said: “After 1959 the methods of USA became harsher, because they could not tolerate the revolution. And they tried to destroy the Cuban revolution.

More than three thousand people died. Attacks have been made to the hotels in 1977. An Italian citizen died. And the Cubans wanted to go to Miami to collect information and to stop terrorist attacks. They wanted to get into contact with FBI in order to learn what is going on. They were caught and put into prison in 1988. They were given extremely long prison sentences, despite the lack of evidence.

The courts asked for a life sentence several times. Currently, one of them is together with his family, the other one will be released in 2015, but the others are still in prison.”

Gustavo Conde participated via video conference on behalf of the Marcha Patriotica. In his message he said: “We send greetings and solidarity from Colombia. We were humiliated during the talks in Havana. We are struggling for the freedom of our comrade Simon Trinidad.

We are fighting for our independence.”

Guillermo Moncada of the National Resistance Front of Honduras said: “Our organization was declared a terrorist organization. Paramilitary forces in Honduras are killing students and teachers on the street. There is anger in the people against imperialism. The imperialists never stop, so we should never stop. I would like to salute all the political prisoners. We should talk about our victories as well. Imperialism is trying to control our brains as well.

The military coup divided us into two: You are either for or against it.

Oppression grew, people were disappeared. We’re setting up a new party, it will be political organization of the the National Front.

We have 13 parliament members and 1 majors.

The ruling parties always cheated in the elections.

USA brought Fernandez to power. They are creating a disinformation with the aid of USA in order to show the dictatorship as democracy. People are fighting against the dictatorship.

People are dying in the street. Our country wants change. The national front is active since 2009, we should not remain silent.”

Leonardo Anton, photographer and popular educator from Brazil said: “In Porto Alegre World Social Forum was held in 2005.

120 thousand people were affected by the construction works of the world cup. They are trying to evacuate people by using this as an excuse.

World Cup and the urban transformation are intertwined issues.

He said that the Brazilian state evacuated people from their homes in order to be able to hold the World cup. They even do not leave football fields for the youngsters.”

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