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Parole for Delbert Africa

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Outline for letters and how you can help.


Below are an outline and suggestions on writing letters to the Pennsylvania Parole Board on behalf of Delbert Africa. Please mail your letters to his attorneys and NOT directly to the parole board. Delbert’s legal team will compile the letters and submit them on his behalf. Letters can be typed or handwritten, so long as they are legible. Please send the letters so they are postmarked by August 10, 2019.


GREETING: Dear Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (OR) To whom it may concern:

Your background/personal info:
Briefly describe yourself: who you are, your position in work or your role in the community, and any points which could establish your ability to advise the board about Delbert. If you are not personally acquainted with him, tell the judge why you are interested in his case.

Your relationship with Delbert (if applicable):
If you know Delbert personally, describe your relationship. How long have you known him? Do you write, call or visit with him?

It would be helpful to include descriptions of Delbert’s character, compassion, integrity, accomplishments, interests, relationships, education, upbringing, family life, interaction with and treatment of other people, and your personal and/or professional relationship with him. Is he compassionate? Generous? A role model towards others? Trustworthy? Committed to making the world a better place? Explain why you think this way about him.

When writing about Delbert, please give SPECIFICS: Don’t just say he is “a good person,” instead describe the specific things he has done that show that he is a good person. Has he helped you personally in some way? Provided you with support or mentorship? If there are anecdotes that would help the reader develop a better picture Delbert, we encourage you to share those.

The letter must include Delbert’s full name and ID number, along with the name of the prison where he is held:
Delbert Orr Africa #AM-4985 SCI-Dallas

Do not hesitate to write from the heart, and/or emphasize anything you feel is important. One of the goals of your letter is to enable the reader to see Delbert through your eyes.

Post-release support:
If you are in a position to be able to support Delbert when he is released, please state that in the letter. Are you able to support him financially? Provide him with housing? Offer him employment?

What to avoid:
Please DO NOT dispute any of the legal issues in the case. We believe that the MOVE 9 are wrongfully incarcerated, but the parole board is not the venue to challenge their convictions or to discuss the injustices of the criminal legal system. Since this is not an effort to mislead or create a false impression, be honest and do not exaggerate.

ENDING: Your letter should end with your first and last name printed, and with your signature. You must also include your address and phone number.

Please contact their legal team if you have any questions. Please mail your letters to the address below.
Legal Team Contact Information:
Brad Thomson
People’s Law Office
1180 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60642
(773) 235-0070 Ext. 123, BradJayThomson@gmail.com

Our beautiful brother, Delbert Africa.