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Parole for Delbert Africa

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Outline for letters and how you can help.


Below are an outline and suggestions on writing letters to the Pennsylvania Parole Board on behalf of Delbert Africa. Please mail your letters to his attorneys and NOT directly to the parole board. Delbert’s legal team will compile the letters and submit them on his behalf. Letters can be typed or handwritten, so long as they are legible. Please send the letters so they are postmarked by August 10, 2019.


GREETING: Dear Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (OR) To whom it may concern:

Your background/personal info:
Briefly describe yourself: who you are, your position in work or your role in the community, and any points which could establish your ability to advise the board about Delbert. If you are not personally acquainted with him, tell the judge why you are interested in his case.

Your relationship with Delbert (if applicable):
If you know Delbert personally, describe your relationship. How long have you known him? Do you write, call or visit with him?

It would be helpful to include descriptions of Delbert’s character, compassion, integrity, accomplishments, interests, relationships, education, upbringing, family life, interaction with and treatment of other people, and your personal and/or professional relationship with him. Is he compassionate? Generous? A role model towards others? Trustworthy? Committed to making the world a better place? Explain why you think this way about him.

When writing about Delbert, please give SPECIFICS: Don’t just say he is “a good person,” instead describe the specific things he has done that show that he is a good person. Has he helped you personally in some way? Provided you with support or mentorship? If there are anecdotes that would help the reader develop a better picture Delbert, we encourage you to share those.

The letter must include Delbert’s full name and ID number, along with the name of the prison where he is held:
Delbert Orr Africa #AM-4985 SCI-Dallas

Do not hesitate to write from the heart, and/or emphasize anything you feel is important. One of the goals of your letter is to enable the reader to see Delbert through your eyes.

Post-release support:
If you are in a position to be able to support Delbert when he is released, please state that in the letter. Are you able to support him financially? Provide him with housing? Offer him employment?

What to avoid:
Please DO NOT dispute any of the legal issues in the case. We believe that the MOVE 9 are wrongfully incarcerated, but the parole board is not the venue to challenge their convictions or to discuss the injustices of the criminal legal system. Since this is not an effort to mislead or create a false impression, be honest and do not exaggerate.

ENDING: Your letter should end with your first and last name printed, and with your signature. You must also include your address and phone number.

Please contact their legal team if you have any questions. Please mail your letters to the address below.
Legal Team Contact Information:
Brad Thomson
People’s Law Office
1180 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60642
(773) 235-0070 Ext. 123, BradJayThomson@gmail.com

Our beautiful brother, Delbert Africa.

PA DOC Attempt Murder of MOVE Member Delbert Africa

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Don’t let PA DOC Murder MOVE Member Delbert Africa


Ona Move. The MOVE ORGANIZATION would like to take the time right now to provide people with an update on our Brother Delbert Africa.

Yesterday, August 8th, Delbert returned to SCI Dallas and after processing was placed in the infirmary; Delbert was able to get a phone call to his MOVE Family where he was able to update us on everything.

This morning Family and supporters led a car caravan to both Geisgenger Hospital and SCI Dallas. Delbert’s family was able to secure past work which we can utilize to obtain his medical records.

Friends and Family of Delbert Africa — We Support Delbert Africa!

The second part of the caravan was to SCI Dallas, where Carlos and Will Africa were able to visit Delbert. Delbert appeared in good spirits but still very weak on the visit and was able to fill people in on everything.

At this point, Delbert wants to focus on his parole hearing in September and getting out of prison. Learn how to support Delbert’s parole process. Delbert and family are waiting to obtain copies of the medical report and will take it from there.

Right now Delbert is taking his time to make the right choice and is leery after seeing what happened with Phil Africa and what is currently happening with Chuck.

We are in the process of preparing a second home plan for Delbert in the outlying areas of Philadelphia. If people have any suggestions on a second home plan if the first is denied or need more information you can call Sue Africa 215 387-4107 or Janine Africa 610 704-4524.

At this time Delbert and The MOVE Family would like to thank everyone who made calls, who shared the information through many networks etc. We greatly appreciate your support.

AUGUST 9: The MOVE ORGANIZATION is calling for people to join us this Friday, August 9th at 9:00 am at Geisinger Hospital 1000 East Mountain Blvd. Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18711. If traveling from Philadelphia meet us at 6 am at JFK Blvd and 30th St., Philadelphia for rides. We will also go to SCI Dallas Prison where Delbert was returned Thursday, August 8th.

JULY 2019: Delbert Africa suffering severe swelling from the bottom of his waist all the way down to his toes. Prison officials at SCI Dallas ignored Delbert’s request for medical until this past week when several calls were made to his counselor and he was finally scheduled for a medical visit

We will be holding a demonstration exposing this outright PLANNED MURDER of DELBERT AFRICA by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

The MOVE ORGANIZATION would like to update people on what is going on right now as it relates to Delbert Africa. We received word from an anonymous source that Delbert is in fact urinating blood, his bladder is impacted and compromised and colon is starting to show wear and tear from the pressure/overworked kidneys. Fluid is still being drained but not rapidly enough. He is awake, conscious, and talking but weak.

A week ago MOVE political prisoner Delbert Orr Africa was taken out of SCI Dallas and transported to an outside hospital where he has since been held incommunicado.

When Delbert was taken from SCI Dallas he had swelling from a fluid buildup. We are now hearing from two different sources that Delbert has no more than 72 hours before he dies. MOVE family members and even his lawyers are being denied access for communication, visitation, contact, and access to documents from prison and hospital officials.

Delbert is scheduled to go before the PA Parole Board this September. MOVE members believe that the government wants to kill Delbert before he can be paroled, and there is evidence that clearly shows this. This government does not want to give ground and parole another innocent MOVE Member, that’s why they are working in conjunction with Prison and hospital officials to murder Delbert.

It would be a feather in the cap for officials to see Delbert DIE. What’s more of a slap in the face is that they are trying to kill him to celebrate on August 8, 1978 – 41 years to the day that Delbert and other MOVE people were kidnapped by this government being innocent and railroaded to prison.

We are highly suspicious of what’s going on here. In 2015 our MOVE 9 Brother Phil Africa was taken to an outside hospital from SCI Dallas with a minor stomach virus. He was held incommunicado for a period of 5 days and upon returning to SCI Dallas he was placed in hospice care only to die a day later.

In March of 1998 after recovering from a stomach virus at SCI Cambridge Springs, MOVE 9 Sister Merle Africa was told by prison officials she was dying only to die a couple of hours later.

The same pattern is repeating itself here.

On Aug. 8, 1978, Delbert was arrested during the Philadelphia police assault on the MOVE house in Powelton Village. Police officer James Ramp died during the 1978 police assault, likely struck by one of the tens of thousands of rounds fired by his fellow officers that day. He was brutally beaten and assaulted by police following this attack.

Nine MOVE members were all found guilty of firing the same bullet and were convicted of murder, assault and conspiracy by the late Judge Edwin S. Malmed. The MOVE 9 were subsequently sentenced to 30 to 100 years in prison.” (onamove.com) Despite serving over 40 years of a 30-to-100-year sentence, Delbert Africa remains unjustly imprisoned.

The MOVE ORGANIZATION is calling for people to join us this Friday, August 9th, 2019 at 9:00 am at Hospital 1000 East Mountain Blvd. Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18711.
If you are traveling from Philadelphia meet at JFK Blvd and 30th St. at 6 am for rides.

FOR more info call
Carlos Africa 215 385 2772
Sue Africa 215 387 4107
Janine Africa 610 724 4504

NYC Welcomes Home Our Women Warriors, Janet and Janine Africa!

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Welcome home our Sheroes, Janet Africa & Janine Africa on July 19, 2019 at The People's Forum, NYC.
Welcome Home Our Sheroes, Janet & Janine Africa!

Friday, July 19, 2019,
The People’s Forum,
320 W. 37th St., NYC.

Take A,C,E to Port Authority and walk north to 37th St. and west 1.5 blocks to #320, see map. Light Supper. Sponsored by the Free Mumia Coalition & Campaign to Bring Mumia Home. Call 212-330-8029 for more info.

Press Conference–

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Date: Fri., February 21, 2019,
Time: 10 am,
Location: Philadelphia Student Union,
501 South St.; Philadelphia, PA 19143

On Friday, February 21st, Eddie Africa, 69, one of the MOVE 9, was released from Phoenix prison in Pennsylvania–more than a decade after he became eligible for parole. Eddie and his lawyers will be at this press conference. Eddie is reunited with his mother, 90, four surviving children, 14 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. The cases of Delbert and Chuck Africa, the two remaining members of the MOVE 9 still imprisoned will be discussed as well.

Free Delbert Africa

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Delbert Orr Africa #AM4985 was 32 years old when he was wrongfully imprisoned along with 8 other men & women. His “crime” was being a part of an organization against corrupt government, racism and the degradation of our people. He is now 73 years old, having served nearly 42 years for a crime none of them committed. He has been eligible for parole since 2008 but has continually been denied because of his political views.

Del has 8 codefendants. Two died in prison (Phil Africa and his wife, Merle), and five have been released from prison onto parole just between Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. It’s past the time that Delbert should be coming home from prison. Just like others from the MOVE 9 are thriving, so should Delbert Orr Africa have the same opportunity.

Our community has supported those who came home to excel and we are committed to doing the same for Del so that he can excel as well. From having one of his daughters murdered during the bombing of MOVE Headquarters by the government to having his eldest daughter battling breast cancer, it’s overdue for him to be with his family. 

Delbert Africa, famous for surviving extremely vicious Philly police assault.
Young Delbert

Eddie Africa Paroled Fri., June 21st! Press Conf. June 27.

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Early Friday morning joyous MOVE family and friends came to bring Eddie Africa home after 40 years of imprisonment.

Eddie Africa (rust colored shirt, third from left) is free! LLJA.

Press Conference
Thurs., June 27th
10 am
Philadelphia Student Union
501 South St.
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Now the fight remains to free the last two imprisoned MOVE members: Delbert and Chuck Africa. Send them cards of solidarity and love and stay tuned for more actions.

Janine and Janet Africa Are Free!

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Mike Africa Jr.
Friday, May 24, 2019

For over 40 years, we have been immersed in a fight that has been long and arduous. But thanks to the support locally from the MOVE family following the teaching of John Africa, thanks to our supporters from all over the world, and our lawyers Brad Thomson and Bret Grote, we are two steps closer to freeing all of the MOVE 9. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported the freedom for the MOVE 9.

Free all political prisoners!!!
On the MOVE


Press Release from The Abolitionist Law Center and People’s Law Office

Janine Africa and Janet Africa are free!
Janine and Janet Africa are freed on parole

The Abolitionist Law Center and the People’s Law Office are proud to share that Janet Holloway Africa and Janine Phillips Africa of the MOVE 9 have been released from state custody after more than forty years of incarceration. Earlier this morning [May 24, 2019], the MOVE sisters were finally released on parole from SCI Cambridge Springs and are now with family and friends. The sisters have been battling for their freedom after being consistently denied parole for a decade despite an impeccable disciplinary record and extensive record of mentorship and community service during their time in prison.

Following their 2018 parole denial, attorneys from Abolitionist Law Center and People’s Law Office filed petitions for habeas corpus seeking their release from prison. The habeas petitions challenged their parole denials on the grounds that the decisions were arbitrary and lacking in any evidence that Janet or Janine presented a risk to public safety. Under pressure from litigation and with a court date for May 28 looming, the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (board) granted Janet and Janine parole on May 14, 2019, just one day after the anniversary of the notorious May 13, 1985 bombing of the MOVE home.

“The release of Janet and Janine is a victory not only for them and their loved ones, but also for the MOVE Organization and the movement to free all political prisoners,” said attorney Brad Thomson of People’s Law Office. “Janet and Janine were excellent candidates for parole. They have been described by DOC staff as model prisoners and neither of them has had a single disciplinary incident in over twenty years. While in prison, they have participated in community fundraisers, and social programs, including training service dogs. They are remarkable women to deserve to be free.”

Like Debbie and Mike Africa, who were released last year, Janet and Janine are now able to experience holding their loved ones outside of prison walls for the first time in decades. The release of Janet and Janine after forty years is the culmination of the MOVE organization, public support, legal action, and policy changes.

Three other members of the MOVE 9 remain incarcerated (Chuck, Delbert and Eddie Africa), while two others (Merle Africa and Phil Africa) died in custody. Abolitionist Law Center and People’s Law Office represent Chuck, Delbert and Eddie in the struggle for their freedom. To support the fight, you may donate to the MOVE9 Legal Fund.

Press Contact: Mike Africa Jr., MikeAfricaJr [at] gmail.com
Brad Thomson bradjaythomson[at]gmail.com 773-297-9689

Celebrate Ramona on her birthday!

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On Sat., June 8, 2019, there will be a Celebration and Tribute to Ramona Africa, on her birthday. We want to celebrate Ramona’s improving health, cancer-free status, that she is back home, and all the work and love she has and continues to give. Ramona will be attending!
On a Move,
The Move Family

Interview with Debbie Africa, Mike Africa Sr and Mike Africa Jr

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February 26, 2019
Reprint from Global Research News Hour

“There are so many injustices in this system, man, about the things they do to people, the harm they cause to people. It’s not just MOVE that are treated horribly like this.” – Mike Africa Sr, MOVE 9 member interviewed

Global Research: It’s a pleasure to have you on our show, thank you so much for making the time to speak with our listeners

Mike Africa Sr: You got it, man! On a move!

Debbie Africa: On A Move!

Global Research: Debbie, Mike Sr, please, if you could, could you convey to our listeners the feelings that you experienced on having finally being released and being reunited with each other and with your kids and grandkids for the first time after 40 years behind prison walls?

Debbie Africa: Relief. I always tell the story that when I was first sent to prison in …1978, my oldest child was only 2 years, she wasn’t even 2 years old yet. And Michael Jr wasn’t born yet. So, I was pregnant with him. I had a two year old baby that I was holding when the raid took place, and she was taken from me. And – my daughter was taken from me.

And, without even realizing how long I felt so heavy, when I finally got released it was like a weight just came off of my heart, and that’s really all I can explain to you. As soon as I walked out that door, Michael Jr was there and the family was there – his wife, his children, which are my grandchildren, it was just like the weight was just lifted up off of my heart … it was just a really great feeling, to know that they finally, finally did something they were supposed to do. Release us.

Read (and hear) the rest of this interview: https://www.globalresearch.ca/black-history-trump-era-resistance-mumias-plight-and-freedom-for-the-move-9/5669694

Eddie Africa remains in Pennsylvania, but correspondance goes to Florida

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Edward Africa
Eddie Africa

The State of Pennsylvania, out of all the other States in America, has taken draconian restrictions on mail. Prison authorities are opening legal mail and photocopying it in direct violation of the First Amendment. They are also doing so to personal mail. Now when you write Eddie Goodman Africa (#AM4974) you need to write to SCI Phoenix in St. Petersburg, Florida, which copies the mail and sends the copy to Eddie! There are lawsuits challenging the legality of these changes. In the meantime, send Eddie a card or letter so Eddie can have extra mail to make up for all the mail to him going to Pennsylvania that is not being delivered:
Edward Goodman Africa #AM4974
SCI Phoenix
P.O. Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733